If you got something to sell – I can help market it.  As a creative and former marketing director, I play for both sides of the Sales & Marketing battle.

POSMarketing Services

  • Podcast Services – Award-winning production & creation
  • Jingles, animations, blogs, videos, infographics, presentations, events? Content, Content, Content Creation
  • Help build brand/content library from Brand Templates
  • CopyWriting Workshops – To help build identity and voice
  • Custom Musicals – Scripted audio-drama for your company or new product with original music + sound design.
  • AdWords and Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO, Press Release, Social Media – Content Distribution
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management Services – Monitor, control and curate your online reputation.
  • FailSafe Innovation WorkshopsWorkshops to innovate strategy, products or companies using the failure framework.
  • Spectral Analysis of Content/Brand through Spectroscopy of Content Workshops