“How To Write Copy That Sells” – Ray Edwards

rayedWhat an AMAZING book! “How To Write Copy That Sells” by Ray Edwards really lays it all out there – if you’re selling ANYTHING, all you have are your WORDS, so you better put the energy into making sure your words convince and convert. Along with exposing the tricks of great salesmanship on the page, Edwards provides exercises, templates and real life examples of compelling copy. From the flap –

Inside, you’ll find copywriting techniques for email marketing, web sites, social media, sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

You’ll also discover:

  • The universal hidden structure behind all persuasive copy.
  • How to avoid the most common copywriting mistakes.
  • A simple technique for writing copy that’s easy to read.
  • How to write powerful short copy for social media.
  • Sample headlines, bullet points, and openings – yours to “swipe” and use as your own!
  • Tons of templates, examples, and checklists guaranteed to improve your copy.
  • …And much, much more! Writing Copy That Sellsis your indispensable guide to creating fresh, fast, effective copy that generates sales like magic.

Most interesting to me was the powerful magic of “The Guarantee” and the concept of Risk Reversal – where during your offer, you reverse the risk, and convey the idea that you are shouldering most of the risk.

“If you can transfer the risk from the buyer to yourself, that removes the barrier, it removes the fear and they’re free to do what they most want to do – buy your product.” – Ray Edwards


GET THE BOOK –> How to Write Copy That Sells: The Step-By-Step System for More Sales, to More Customers, More Often

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