“Innovate or Die!” – Jack Matson

Innovate or Die! by Jack Matson – A horribly transferred copy of an otherwise good book, this book perhaps embraces it’s Fail Fast ideology too completely – the text is crooked, the print quality is spotty – so maybe they wanted to get the innovative book onto the shelves before they checked to see if it looked okay? Either way, it forces you to pay attention. It also seems like this book kicked off the “thinking outside the box” business revolution by introducing the concepts of making failure a part of your process, accessing creativity through brainstorming and Idea Journals, and how innovation is absolutely necessary for survival – all written in 1996. A favorite quote why failures are the only way to eureka –

“9,000 failures? Nonsense! I’d say 9,000 successes. I’ve learned about 9,000 formulae that don’t work. Those 9,000 failures illuminated the final formula that did finally work.” – Thomas Edison

GET THE BOOK –> Innovate or Die : A Personal Perspective on the Art of Innovation 

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