“The Attention Merchants” – Tim Wu

The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu – An amazing book that explores the history of the advertising industry and how companies, politicians and marketers are all scrambling to get inside our heads!!

This book was so engrossing and so fascinating – that I created a HUGE presentation, with the author’s permission, that outlines the history of the advertising industry, from patent medicines in the penny press of 1833 to today’s latest media outrage – it’s all connected!

True Story – it took me HOURS, no, DAYS, no an entire MONTH to make this presentation, write the drafts, gather the images, and record the voice over.

…..and it’s already getting love from the author himself!!!


When you have 20 minutes to spare – INTERACT WITH THIS PRESENTATION – https://prezi.com/1hs3l5wtbmlb/attention-merchants-timeline/

Or watch it on YouTube –

GET THE BOOK –> The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads

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