“The Moment of Clarity” – Madsbjerg & Rasmussen

The Moment of Clarity by Madsbjerg & Rasmussen is a tremendous and thought-provoking book for several reasons. The clear writing style is refreshing in a genre laden with buzzwords, and the novel approach to explaining human behavior through the human sciences blew my damned mind!

Some obstacles a business may face are easily surmountable via a traditional, linear approach to problem solving. This book shows a way to negotiate extremely complex problems, that can’t be overcome using a linear approach. By making sense of how humans behave and how their life interacts with your product, you can craft solutions that fit behaviors, and ultimately solve complex problems through understanding the human experience. A favorite part of the book –

“Things become meaningful when we talk about aspects – a piece of fabric with three sewn colors is actually an American flag. A collection of gold molecules becomes a wedding ring. – Our experiences in the world have to do with our invested involvement with something. Phenomenology will not reveal the essence of something – but will show you the essence of our relationship to that thing. Not everything is important to us all the time. After we use a kitchen knife or the washing machine, it’s relevance fades into the background. Phenomenology can show us which things matter most, and when.”

GET THIS BOOK –> The Moment of Clarity: Using the Human Sciences to Solve Your Toughest Business Problems

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